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    The latest in our series of training in a nutshell guides looks at a course that is aimed at teaching Icons 100mmx100mm-01directors everything they need to know about health and safety…

    Directors Involvement

    In a tweet:  Calling all company directors: Gain a clear understanding of your responsibilities for health and safety.  Because the buck stops with you!


    It’s for you if…

    • You’re a director, governor, trustee, officer or an equivalent in the private, public or voluntary sector


    Key benefits:

    • Get an outline of the core director safety actions required at board level
    • Receive practical advice on driving forward health and safety strategy
    • Understand how to monitor and review health and safety issues
    • Put together a high quality plan for the overall direction for safety and health in your organisation.
    • Gain a clear understanding of director’s responsibilities for health and safety


    Course Content

    The course contains 5 content areas: consultant

    • Strategic Approach
      Director’s safety role in agreeing and driving forward strategy. An opportunity to explore the benefits of a ‘beyond compliance’ approach.
    • Core Actions at Board Level
      Consideration of the essential principles of planning for health and safety, reflecting the importance of the topic as a corporate governance issue. Implications of Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act.
    • Delivering the Message
      Exploration of directors’ role in building health and safety into the organisation; adequate resources, access to competent advice, worker involvement at all levels.
    • Monitoring and Review
      Significance of adopting a practical approach to ensure health and safety issues are addressed competently and systematically.
    • Inputs, Outputs and Outcomes
      Review of case studies, where the health and safety equation has been balanced.


    Why should Directors take this course?

    This occupational safety course is great for business.  Protect your organisation’s profits and reputation by ensuring you comply with current health and safety legislation.


    Where can I find out more?

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