Fall Protection course – NQF Level 3

Fall Protection course – NQF Level 3

This theoretical awareness course covers safety measures regarding: Scaffold, Ladders, Roof, and Height work in any environment. Learning material is based on the Construction Regulation requirements.
On completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Design a basic fall protection plan, including a risk assessment that forms the basis of this fall protection plan;
  • Mitigation of all possible risks associated with height work;
  • Drafting of a basic rescue plan;
  • How to inspect fall arrest equipment (body harness);
  • Storage and maintenance of fall arrest equipment;
  • Basic scaffold principles;
  • Ladder safety

If the learner wishes to apply for the NQF credits, an additional fee will be charged per learner. This fee will include additional benefits, such as:

  • Half day RPL training
  • Portfolio building
  • Assess and moderation of portfolio
  • and submission to H&W Seta for the NQF credits

Duration: 2 days

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NOTE -It is strongly recommended that learners should also attend the combined Level 1,2 & 3 first aid course, which INCLUDES a module on HEIGHT RESCUE.

This 3-4 day course can be done at a later stage, for an additional fee – Get Quote.

Phezulu training also offers a Basic Scaffolding, Ladder and Height work course – NQF Level 2.
This is a 1 day basic course – Get Quote.
PLEASE NOTE: This course does not include fall protection and prevention!