Basic Hand and Power Tool safety

Basic Hand and Power Tool safety

This course is designed to present to employees and employers
a summary of the basic safety procedures and safeguards associated with hand and portable power tools.

Tools are such a common part of our lives that it is difficult to remember that they may pose hazards.  Tragically, a serious incident can occur before steps are taken to identify and avoid or eliminate tool-related hazards.
Employees who use hand and power tools and are exposed to the hazards of falling, flying, abrasive, and splashing objects, or to harmful dusts, fumes, mists, vapors, or gases must be provided with the appropriate personal protective equipment.

All electrical connections for these tools must be suitable for the type of tool and the working conditions (wet, dusty, flammable vapors). When a temporary power source is used for construction a ground-fault circuit interrupter should be used.

Employees should be trained in the proper use of all tools.
Workers should be able to recognize the hazards associated with the different types of tools and the safety precautions necessary.

Duration: 5 Hours

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