NEBOSH Diploma Unit A Revision – Intro to Health and Safety Management

Many thanks to Andy Nairn for this revision contribution to HSfB for the NEBOSH Diploma Unit A.


  • HAZARD – Something with the potential to cause harm
    • Hazards are often classified as Physical, Chemical or Biological, however there may be more useful classifications which can be applied in varying situations.
  • RISK – Likelihood that a hazard will cause harm and the severity of harm expected
  • DANGER – A unquantified risk
  • SUITABLE AND SUFFICIENT – In relation to the management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 Regulation 3, organisations are expected to carry out a “suitable and sufficient risk assessment”. This term is best defined by the Approved Code of Practice for these regulations, and basically means that all of the significant hazards should be identified, the likelihood of harm being realised is determined and the likely severity of harm that would result identified.
  • The Approved Code of Practice also identifies that where risks are higher, or where processes are complex the depth of the risk assessment should reflect this in its level of detail.
  • For some perceived high risk industries there is a need to use Quantified Risk Assessment to provide sufficient detail of the risks (nuclear industry, other industries where a small error can have catatrophic results, e.g. chemical works, refineries, etc) – Quantified Risk Assessment is studied in detail in element A3.



Outline Of Health & Safety Management Models

Effective management systems are based around a virtuous cycle of activities, sometimes referred to as the Demming Cycle.

plan do check act

There are four steps in the cycle, Plan, Do, Check, Act.

This management method has been adapted to provide several management models which are specific to health and safety management.

  • HSG65 is the HSE’s guidance document entitled Managing for health and safety.
  • BS8800 is a British standard for health & safety management
  • OHSAS 18001 is an internationally recognised standard for health and safety management which is being replaced by ISO 45001
  • ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety. This standard replaces the 18001 certification



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