HSE Health and Safety Statistics 2014/15

In the latter quarter of 2015 the UK health and safety executive released their annual health and safety statistics as a PDF document.  The annual report had some interesting take aways but it wasn’t necessarily easy to digest. Bryan & Armstrong have taken the annual report and turned it into a infographic which makes absorbing the key points much easier as it does sharing the information across social media.

When we dive into the headline figures, it’s clear that fatalities have increased from 136 in 2013/14 to 142 in 2014/15 while non-fatal injuries have reduced from over 50% of reported accidents being caused by slips and trips (28%) or handling, lifting or carrying injuries (23%).

Over the year, it was estimated that 23.3 million working days have were lost to work related ill health, while injuries in the workplace cost a further 4.1 million days. As a result, the economy was estimated to have suffered in excess of £14 billion in 2013/14.

New challenges will be created as the economy begins to recover, particularly for expanding SME’s who may not have sufficient measures in place, or may under estimate the level of risk posed by their activities. Also, often if a workforce has been laid off in a tough economic climate and a less experienced workforce hired when conditions improve we expect to see a spike in health and safety related incidents due to inexperience.

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