7 reasons why you should attend the RoSPA Scotland Conference

The 2018 RoSPA Scotland Conference in Edinburgh is less than a month away, so if you haven’t booked your place then you’d better get a move on.  The event is a unique opportunity to hear from experts as they discuss key issues through a range of updates, case studies and interactive sessions.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should attend…


  1. Meet your peers

How often do you get to spend a day in a room full of like-minded health and safety professionals?  Assuming the answer is “hardly ever” then this event is perfect for you.  Company directors, senior managers, health and safety advisors and HR professionals will all be present, not just from Scotland but other parts of the UK as well.


Building a Future

  1. Support your workplace

Mental health is a massive issue, so what better time for an update on the current status of mental health in Scottish workplaces?  Healthy Working Lives will be at the event discussing the tools and strategies you need to tackle this vital topic. You will also hear about upcoming support options and what the future holds for mental health in the workplace.


  1. Help your business ‘Breathe Freely’

Respiratory problems have been a long-term problem in manufacturing. Claire Walsh (Head of SHE – Occupational Health & Wellbeing, BAE Systems Surface Ships Limited) will be talking you through this topic and given you the lowdown on how to make a difference and allow your employees to ‘Breathe Freely’.


  1. Learn the story of the ‘Safety Gain’

Engaging staff is a key part of safety success. ‘Safety Gain’ is a proactivity tool from Brigg’s Equipment designed to do just that. Hear about its success and impact, as well as finding out the importance of proactive safety related engagement.


  1. Don’t fall for it!

Working at height can be a dangerous job. Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd have a wealth of experience in this field.  They are ideally placed to discuss what can go wrong and how this can be prevented. Also find out what tools they use for protection when working on high-rise buildings.


  1. What to do when an HSE Inspector calls

An HSE inspection can be an intimidating prospect. Luckily, the Health, Safety and Environmental team from Dentons will be on hand to help ease your fears. They will talk through the obligations, rights and risks associated with HSE visits, as well as giving you practical tips on how to handle investigations. Find out how you can assist without handing over confidential information or privileged documents.


  1. Share your vision!

Listening to experts is great, but sometimes you just want to pick their brains and discuss the topics that matter most to you. That’s why we’ve got not one, but two ‘Ask the speakers’ sessions that allow you to do exactly that.


So there you go, plenty of compelling reasons to book your place. All you need to do is visit HERE and we look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh.


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