• 5 Steps to Become RoSPA Award Winner

    Thinking of entering the RoSPA Health & Safety Awards for the first time? On the face of it, it can seem quite daunting. “Which part of the organisation should I enter? Have we got enough evidence to support the ten key performance questions?” And so on…

    After all, there is a lot of hard work involved entering an internationally recognised and highly prestigious reward scheme, so to make life a little easier, we put together this little infographic to show you just how simple it is to begin your awards journey.

    Journey to a RoSPA Award Info v5


    Exchanging best practice is at the heart of the RoSPA Awards Network, so to this end, we’ve also created a series of blog posts to help first time entrants…

    The next deadline for the 2020 RoSPA Awards is April 30, 2020, so be sure to register at www.rospa.com/awards and make 2020 a year to remember.

    Source: http://rospaworkplacesafety.com

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